Heating Services

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Heating Services for Puget Sound

Maintaining your heating system is important for optimal system operation and can affect the efficiency and lifespan of your heating and cooling systems. Morehart Heating and Air can help you get the most out of your system with heating maintenance services and heating repairs when necessary. We service both residential and commercial systems.
If your heating system isn’t working properly, our Certified Technicians arrive, mostly same day, to diagnose the problem and give reliable solutions that are of value. We want our customers to feel educated on what has gone wrong and how we are going to fix it.
Our top priority is your comfort. Keeping our trucks fully stocked helps expedite our services to keep your home comfortable. Emergency appointments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no extra charge, and all parts, workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed. We mean it when we say “Morehart, Less Hassle!”

Puget Sound Heating Repair

If you’re in need of heating repair in the Puget Sound area, Morehart Heating and Air has the experience and knowledge to provide the help you need. We are certified, bonded, licensed and insured, and our service department never closes. Since breakdowns rarely happen at convenient times, we offer around the clock, around the calendar solutions to your heating emergencies.

Morehart provides prompt response time, top-of-the-line equipment and certified technicians who not only perform better repairs, they also handle replacement heating equipment and annual maintenance. We disclose all costs before beginning work and discuss every available option, giving you the information you need to make the best investment. Whether the most economical choice is repair or replacement, we can solve complete system failure with new repairs or installation usually in less than 24 hours.


Heating Installation

When the time comes to replace your heating system, we will tailor a solution to your needs. Is your system properly sized, what exact components needs replacing, what efficiency rating is important and what is the project budget? These are many questions addressed during your free estimate appointment. *We will also match written estimates from other licensed HVAC contractors.

Signs Your System May Need to be Replaced:

  1. furnace age (12yrs or older)
  2. monthly energy costs keep increasing
  3. several furnace repairs over the last couple years
  4. burner flame is yellow instead of blue
  5. making strange noises
  6. you and your family have been feeling ill after the heat has been running

Once your heating system is installed, it needs to be properly maintained to ensure it works as intended with a minimal number of repairs. To do this, we recommend annual maintenance visits to inspect the burners, heat exchanger, blower and fan motor, air handler, filtration, and any gas or electrical connections. We recommend twice–annual maintenance – once before the heating season and once before the cooling season.

Attic Insulation

Most homes here in the Puget Sound area are under insulated. Over time, traditional blow in insulation settles resulting in an R-Value loss of up to 75 percent! Re-insulating your attic space can lower energy consumption up to 20 percent. Helping your heating and cooling system run more efficiently and last longer. To get your current R-Value measured, give us a call. Pricing is based on square footage.

Extended Warranties

Warranties can get a bit confusing. Every manufacturer has a different policy. Most high quality products come with a 10 year compressor and parts warranty. Labor traditionally is 1 year. A 10 year labor warranty may be purchased on most products for an additional fee. Ask your certified technician for more information and pricing.

Call Morehart Heating and Air today for all your heating system needs, (253) 201-4482.